Are Video Games Art?

Continuing on with the art stuff we covered on Wednesday. In other news, I’m setting up a Discord server. See how this goes. Link will be up in a while.


Spend enough time around internet forums and video games and you’ll encounter the same tired pseudo-intellectuals that pretend to philosophize about arts and entertainment.  There is always a trend, no matter the fandom, to take your hobby a little more seriously then it probably deserves.  There isn’t usually anything wrong with that, so long as you don’t go overboard and start calling it something it isn’t or investing unhealthy amounts of time into it.  Hobbies are, after all, hobbies.

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Author: Merri

Merri lives with his wife and child in the USA. He wrote for Forced Perspective while the project was active, and started YNRI//Transcendence as a joke outlet to mock artists and poets with. He currently runs QNUW, which focuses on neoreactionary, philosophical, and Catholic writing, as well as its sister blog, The Nightly Grind, for more informal and shorter pieces on reading and current events. Follow him on twitter at

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