What is Modernity?

I’ll be writing a shorter piece for The Nightly Grind on the topic of Pope Pious X’s encyclical next week, for any of you who are interested. Keep on keeping on!


I’ve written a bit about modernity over the past couple of years, and in fact, I think the entire QNUW project at this point could be defined as a reaction against it.  But the concept is a tricky one, because it’s a term for the very air we breathe in contemporary society.  And it’s not something as simplistically defined as “the present day” or even “the present operation of things,” since those would imply that modernity is a definition related to a period of time rather than a term that applies to specific systems of ideologies.

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Author: Merri

Merri lives with his wife and child in the USA. He wrote for Forced Perspective while the project was active, and started YNRI//Transcendence as a joke outlet to mock artists and poets with. He currently runs QNUW, which focuses on neoreactionary, philosophical, and Catholic writing, as well as its sister blog, The Nightly Grind, for more informal and shorter pieces on reading and current events. Follow him on twitter at https://twitter.com/qnuwwunq

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