Find This Guy.

“I meant to kick her phone.”  Of course he did.  It was just supposed to be a silly, quirky thing, right?  Hey, I have a super-cool idea: I’ll roundhouse kick her phone out of her hands after she accuses the people I’m running with of the destruction of private property! 

Oh shit. W-well, I meant to kick her phone!

You can see it written on his face.  He carries every mark of the smug, self-satisfied sort of delusion that these young Antifa-style protesters have nowadays.  It’s a stare that doesn’t even reach you, because his sense of identifying with the world is so poisoned that he can’t even see beyond his own ego.

These people, and I use the word people loosely here, deserve far more shit flung at them than they’re getting.  It’s not enough to simply say, “this sort of behavior is unacceptable.”  We’ve known it’s unacceptable.  That’s part of the reason it happens—its one of the few forms of rebellion left.  But it can’t be tolerated: start taking names, start getting people like this thrown out.  The left has been doing it for decades.  Fight back.

Fitting that this happened at a pro-life rally, given last night’s post.  These people are defending outright butchery under the guise of humanitarianism.  But you already know that.  Take a good look at them.  A good look.  These people are not simply lost.  They have surrendered to evil.  Until they are willing or capable of repentance, they are your enemy.  Love them, as Christ commands us to, but do not forget that they are your enemy.

I mean, this guy even carries a pentagram around his neck.  How much more obvious does this have to be?


The Mad Abortionist

So the mad abortionist Kermit Gosnell has a movie about him coming out in about a week from now.  I probably won’t have a chance to see it, and given its subject matter—a grisly topic whose imagery I have no interest in seeing projected into full color on a screen the size of my house—I probably won’t any time soon.  That said, given the heads who were put together to get the project to the silver screen, I anticipate it being good if not great.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Gosnell, he’s hailed as the most prolific serial killer the United States has ever experienced, though the line between “serial killer” and “doctor” seems these days to be an increasingly vanishing distinction.  As John Water’s review of the film (no, not that John Waters) explains, Gosnell’s trial highlighted the absurdity of Pennsylvania’s moratorium on 24-week abortions.  What, indeed, is the difference between vacuuming a child’s brains out of his skull when he’s at 23 weeks versus at 24?  And this, of course, is to say nothing about what difference a short passage through the birth canal makes with regard to something as ambiguous as personhood.

One of the more ironic parts comes into play when you look at the place he was operating out of.  Just take a look at his Wikipedia page:

Practice conditions and procedures

  • Extreme unsanitary conditions (resulting in cases of STDs and sepsis); pervasive non-sterile conditions; blood stained materials and instruments; contamination of the facilities by animal feces, urine, and other noxious fluids and waste; and months-old fetal remains stored in “jars, bags and jugs”[56] (in 2013 the trial heard that Gosnell had also been in dispute with his medical waste company, with the latter stopping their services);[57]
  • Surgical malpractice including perforation of bodily organs and “on at least two occasions” death;[55]
  • Improper equipment and usage, including repeated reuse (“over and over”) of disposable supplies, and “generally broken” life-saving and monitoring equipment (including blood pressure monitoring, oximeters, and defibrillators);[58]
  • Padlocked emergency access and exit routes;[58]

You get the idea.

Take a look at the image that was just constructed for you: a horrible, bleak facility quite literally strewn with infant carcasses, blood stains, and garbage, with locked doors, and God knows what else.  If this doesn’t sound like the “back-alley butchers” that abortionist advocates fear-mongered about back in the seventies, then I don’t know what does.  The ironic part is that this facility—mediocrely named the Women’s Medical Society clinic—operated in this condition at the time in was raided in 2010. 

Roe v Wade had passed thirty-seven years before that.

So the next time someone tells you “women will always find ways to get abortions, and you don’t want them going back to hiring unqualified amateurs using coat hangers do you?!”  Just remind them that this facility was allowed to operate this way for decades.  Don’t even bother trying to explain the strikingly obvious point that the less appealing child murder looks, the less likely any woman would be willing to go through with it.

That said, of course, the grisly image of a blood-smeared extermination chamber at least evokes the connotations of abortion’s grim reality; the sterilized stainless-steel surfaces and bright hospital-like linoleum of, say, a Planned Parenthood clinic has to extend the lie in its moniker all the way into its very aesthetics.  “Relax, it’s a medical procedure, look how easily we can role-play being life-savers as we expertly drive forceps through the base of your child’s skull.”  The only reason Gosnell is in jail, apparently, while these liars are still in operation (with the financial consent and support of the US tax payer, no less!) is because he had the temerity to wait until the kid was already out of the womb before he did it.

Oh, and there was some drug charges about the distribution of oxycodone, but I guess it comes with the territory when you’re butchering children out back.

Daily Thought: This Kavanaugh Crap Is Already Done

Does anyone believe this Kavanaugh stuff?  The entire news cycle has been distracted with “allegations” as to sexual misconduct on the part of Kavanaugh dating back to the 1980s.  Does that seem weird to anyone else?

It should, because the allegations have zero substantiated evidence, zero credentialed reports, and man, it’s been occupying the news cycle for how long now?  Certainly more than a week.  What aren’t they covering by keeping this in the public consciousness?

Oh right, Project Veritas confirmed, beyond the shadow of a doubt, the deep state’s existence and its interest in subverting presidential administration over the nation.  But why would anyone at the Times bother reporting that?

No, it’s more important to focus on relevant matters, like ambiguous accusations against a candidate for Supreme Court Justice who might end up tipping the balance such that Roe v. Wade gets overturned.  I still doubt his willingness to take such drastic action, but it’s certainly possible.  What the Democrats hope to get out of all this, however, I have no idea, given that Amy Barrett seems to be the next best fit—a woman whose general stance is even more radical than Kavanaugh’s—a woman who, it turns out, is more likely to overturn Roe v. Wade than Kavanaugh himself, by my estimation.

The motivation behind this entire escapade is transparent: obstruct, obstruct, obstruct!  Were the Democrats in charge, fielding their own nominee, and this had shown up?  It’d have been over in an hour and the guy would be on the bench by now.

Daily thought?  This is the one thought that I had all day.  The single one.  The only one.  Look forward to some actual reads tomorrow.