Addendum: Kavanaugh Hearings; or, RIP the Democratic Party

I know was going to bring you some readings again tonight, but I can’t help myself.  The Kavanaugh hearings from today had some next level stuff on display.  Regardless of your feelings about Kavanaugh, or where you sit on the political spectrum, just sit back and think about this for a second:

A woman who can’t remember relevant conversations or correspondence from three weeks ago claims to remember Kavanaugh molesting her when they were both teenagers at a party thirty-six years ago.  This same woman confirms that she can’t remember where the house this happened in was, whose it was, who else was there, how many other people were present, or when this was supposed to have happened.  This same woman, who is so convinced of Kavanaugh’s guilt—100% sure, by her admission—refused to raise these allegations at any point in the last three decades of Kavanaugh’s career as a lawyer and judge working in and around Washington, D.C.

The surreality of the entire extravaganza remains baffling.  Every democrat on the committee began their remarks the same way: thank you for coming forward, you’re a great inspiration to other victims of abuse, you’re so brave for being here today.  Every single one of them.  Most of them also spent more time talking about abuse than any of the specifics of the case and few bothered asking her questions at all, much less relevant ones.

Then Kavanaugh’s turn in the hot seat comes up.  This man’s opening statements are going to be remembered for a long time.  This entire sham is going to be remembered for a long time.  The transparency of the Democrats’ angle on this is so obvious, so poorly hidden, it baffles me that it could go on for an entire day.  They hammer at the lack of an FBI investigation—an FBI investigation which, it turns out, would yield exactly the same information that the congressional investigation has already yielded.  It’s purely to delay and obstruct for as long as they can.  Delay the confirmation.  Delay the confirmation.  Anyone who believes that this hearing was done in earnest is clueless.

This one hearing, more than anything else from the past couple of months, has guaranteed a red wave in November.  Whatever hope for a blue wave the Democrats were banking on this year has been washed down the drain with this embarrassing display of political tactlessness and personal belligerence.  If you still support any Democrats on that committee, I’d love to know why.  This sort of politics is beyond the pale.

A whole afternoon was spent by congressmen reading a fifty-three year-old man’s high school yearbook and asking about what kind of beer he drank and, maybe, possibly, if there’s any chance he could have raped a few girls while he was in school.  The absolute STATE of American politics, friends.

Daily Thought: This Kavanaugh Crap Is Already Done

Does anyone believe this Kavanaugh stuff?  The entire news cycle has been distracted with “allegations” as to sexual misconduct on the part of Kavanaugh dating back to the 1980s.  Does that seem weird to anyone else?

It should, because the allegations have zero substantiated evidence, zero credentialed reports, and man, it’s been occupying the news cycle for how long now?  Certainly more than a week.  What aren’t they covering by keeping this in the public consciousness?

Oh right, Project Veritas confirmed, beyond the shadow of a doubt, the deep state’s existence and its interest in subverting presidential administration over the nation.  But why would anyone at the Times bother reporting that?

No, it’s more important to focus on relevant matters, like ambiguous accusations against a candidate for Supreme Court Justice who might end up tipping the balance such that Roe v. Wade gets overturned.  I still doubt his willingness to take such drastic action, but it’s certainly possible.  What the Democrats hope to get out of all this, however, I have no idea, given that Amy Barrett seems to be the next best fit—a woman whose general stance is even more radical than Kavanaugh’s—a woman who, it turns out, is more likely to overturn Roe v. Wade than Kavanaugh himself, by my estimation.

The motivation behind this entire escapade is transparent: obstruct, obstruct, obstruct!  Were the Democrats in charge, fielding their own nominee, and this had shown up?  It’d have been over in an hour and the guy would be on the bench by now.

Daily thought?  This is the one thought that I had all day.  The single one.  The only one.  Look forward to some actual reads tomorrow.