Find This Guy.

“I meant to kick her phone.”  Of course he did.  It was just supposed to be a silly, quirky thing, right?  Hey, I have a super-cool idea: I’ll roundhouse kick her phone out of her hands after she accuses the people I’m running with of the destruction of private property! 

Oh shit. W-well, I meant to kick her phone!

You can see it written on his face.  He carries every mark of the smug, self-satisfied sort of delusion that these young Antifa-style protesters have nowadays.  It’s a stare that doesn’t even reach you, because his sense of identifying with the world is so poisoned that he can’t even see beyond his own ego.

These people, and I use the word people loosely here, deserve far more shit flung at them than they’re getting.  It’s not enough to simply say, “this sort of behavior is unacceptable.”  We’ve known it’s unacceptable.  That’s part of the reason it happens—its one of the few forms of rebellion left.  But it can’t be tolerated: start taking names, start getting people like this thrown out.  The left has been doing it for decades.  Fight back.

Fitting that this happened at a pro-life rally, given last night’s post.  These people are defending outright butchery under the guise of humanitarianism.  But you already know that.  Take a good look at them.  A good look.  These people are not simply lost.  They have surrendered to evil.  Until they are willing or capable of repentance, they are your enemy.  Love them, as Christ commands us to, but do not forget that they are your enemy.

I mean, this guy even carries a pentagram around his neck.  How much more obvious does this have to be?